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Essential Mind Tools 

by Amanda White 

In essence, this book will provide you with a toolbox of useful skills to be taken out and used regularly. Having worked in the health care sector for over twenty years I have had many requests to share my knowledge and expertise. I am passionate about educating a much wider audience.

This book’s aim is to provide you with a tool box full of useful skills to help manage life. Knowledge is the key to self development. It helps you see life in a different, more positive way. I want to whet people’s appetite for knowledge. In a lighthearted way I have explored where these skills can be used to make life better and in the long run easier and more fun. 


"Amanda is spreading a lovely positive message out into the world.”
Paul Mc Kenna (Hypnotist & TV personality)

This book is approached in a professional and authoritative way and provides an easy, fresh, original read. The book contains 26 chapters from A-Z and gives information on a wide variety of techniques.


Chapters Include:

A - AVOIDING THE BEAR PITS - Learn to be aware of what a bear pit is to you! It is normally something you get stuck in or a repetitive pattern of behaviour. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful group of techniques for modelling success using mental imaging and language patterns. It is based upon an understanding of how people perceive the world. The chapter includes an exercise on accessing a positive state, 6 stepping stones to success and life steps in 5 stages.


B - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - A look at our beliefs about beauty! How we use external views to judge ourselves. Why compare the bamboo to the oak? Both are valuable. Changing the negative voice and needs list exercise.


C - CHICKEN LITTLE - With the story of Chicken Little I looked at the need to complain in life, at our underlying beliefs and fears and discuss Kinesiology which is a quick technique to access internal belief systems and find out what is holding you back.


D - DAY DREAM BELIEVER - A look at Beliefs, synchronicity and people’s dreams and what stops our dreams becoming reality and our belief in what is possible. How do we know if our dreams are realistic, do you listen to and believe others, or do you trust your gut feeling/ intuition?


E - EVOLUTION - Are we truly evolving? How to help the process of growth? Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) is used to enhance personal development. It includes exercises on lift aversions, cravings, losing weight and stress. This technique can often clear a long term issue in minutes.

F - WHEN PIGS FLY - As we live in a constantly changing society and have a fast pace of life it is useful to look at Meditation and chanting techniques to help you control what you feel, how you react, to centralise the mind and give you peace and calm in this environment.

G - GOLLUM - A look at what we store in our bodies and our lives, that we don’t need.

We cling onto the old, the worn out, useless things, because we think they might come in useful one day. This is also the case with our thoughts and emotions. We hold onto baggage not knowing quite where to put it. Check your general needs for life.

H - HOME SWEET HOME - A look at personal relationships, the language we use and how we handle them. How to keep your house harmonious! Start by doing regular Space Clearing to get rid of stuck negative energy.

I - ICE MAIDEN - Do you feel shut down emotionally and unable to move forward? This can be a temporary feeling or a continuous feeling of something missing. I have developed a Meditation exercise called “defrost” to help you feel more alive, by going below the surface of the problem.

J - JUST VISITING - A look at time management. If you had more time, what would you do? Laugh, love, exercise, learn, earn, spend or play more. Experience a wonderful exercise to climb back into all the good feeling of life and out of the bad stuff.

K - KISS AND MAKE UP - A look at relationships and what causes arguments. Why we hold onto emotions. When is “too much” too much? People handle stress in different ways, some people argue over little things where as others don’t even argue over the major things.

L - LEMMING THEORY - Looking at Wants and Don’t Wants. Stop before you jump into something; look around to see if you are actually where you want to be. Why do we still act like sheep and follow the masses into war, debt, and beauty treatments. What makes us a herd, not an individual? Look at how you see yourself and how others see you, what the truth is?

M - MAD COW - A look at anger management and the internal and external symptoms anger causes. In Chinese medicine the liver organ is linked to the emotion of anger and can be responsible for tension, twitchy muscles and eye problems. Own your anger! External occurrences have happened, but you are the one who chooses to react to them. Exercise on anger.

N - NOSY NEIGHBOURS - Looks at Alleviating boredom from your life. Do you find other people’s lives more interesting than your own, are you bored? Are you envious of what other people have? Do you thrive on other people’s mishaps? Get a life, your own! What can you do to make your life more fulfilled? How alive do you feel 10%, 30%? What do you love, what would make your life 100%? Exercise on Needs.

O - OVERHAUL YOUR MIND - Do you look at your life and not feel part of it? Do you feel you are in a movie on fast forward or slow pace, would you like to speed it up or slow it down? Do you look at your life and wander how you got here? What’s important, the destination or the journey! – Waterfall visualization exercise to cleanse out stress and slow life down.


P - PIED PIPER - Who do we follow? We all choose to follow someone, whether it’s our parent’s example or our chosen government. Will someone be able to lead you down the garden path without a struggle? I hope not! Always trust your own gut feeling. Exercise to meet your inner guide/higher self.


Q - QUEEN OF HEARTS - “Me queen” Is your domain large or small? Does there always have to be a winner and a loser, a taker and a giver, or is there a unique balance that can be obtained. A visualization exercise to introduce you to your new perfect parents. Exercise looking into the Words we associate with our selves.


R - RICH ME / POOR ME - A look at abundance and richness in life. The word rich means different things to different people most people think money, but it could be rich food, being rich in life experiences, rich in friends and love. Exercise where you get to talk to the rich you and the poor you and find out what would be different? This is a great exercise for accessing beliefs systems. Motivation and Exercise on fun money.


S- PLEASE STOP - We are all on the roller-coaster of life. Do you want to get off sometimes! Do you want to stop: - smoking, drinking, eating? Do you want to quit: - Worrying, fear, overreacting, excessive thoughts, being taken for granted. Another life skill is Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique. Under stress the blood supply to the left and right hemispheres of the brain can become unbalanced. ESR helps to redress this imbalance, and in so doing gives the brain its optimum working conditions.

T - THAT’S LOVE - A look at love, our core issues and beliefs about it. Exercise to help people connect with their internal masculine / feminine sides.

U - UGLY DUCKLING - The nation seems addicted to transformation programs, whether it is houses or peoples looks. Can you transform yourself; are we so caught up on the superficial that we forget the deeper levels of our being? With visualization you can change this. How do you feel? UN…., wanted, loved, valued, inspired, fit etc. Weed out worries, and replace them with the positive alternative so that you glow from the inside out.

V - VICTIM - Do you ever feel like a victim of circumstance? How people control each other? There are four main ways, poor me, aloof, intimidator, and interrogator. These are habits learnt from parents, from childhood, to get attention and our needs met. Behaviour is learnt and it can be unlearn't, when grown-up communication is developed to take its place. Exercise on clearing victim.

W - WARRIOR OF WHATEVER - “Whatever” is now a word people say to stop someone keeping going on about something? They say “Whatever” which means “I don’t really care”. Why don’t we change? What could we do to change our life for the better? What stopping us? What do I like about my life that I want to hold on to? When do I want to start, now or always tomorrow? Where can I do it? Who can help? Visualization exercise, asking angels for help.


X - XENOPHOBIA - Xenophobia is a dislike, hatred, fear, of strangers or aliens. How does this fit into your life. We all have a fear of something! I have heard many people use the phrase alien environment. The phrase alienated is to feel different, estranged, separated from something or someone. It is this fear that has caused many wars and the downfall of many civilisations. In essence aren’t we all living breathing entities, who have the same basic needs for love, nourishment, and support? Exercise on Meeting new people.

Y - YAHOO AM I THERE YET - A look at how best to enjoy the journey of life. We are all impatient to get somewhere but how many of us actually know where we are going? What is more important the final destination or the journey. What is a human’s natural physical/emotional level supposed to be: - Low, flat, happy or joyful. Why do some people experience life in different ways? Exercise how alive do I feel?

Z - ZOO TO ZEN - Where are you happiest? Where do you find peace and contentment? Learn to find a sense of strength and fulfilment within your self. We are all in training, we are all continuously learning, whether we want to or not,life is always testing us. The cuddle exercise allows you to feel surrounded by love.

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