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Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

Published In:

NATUROPATHY Spring 21 Issue 2 

Even though stress is considered common place in our day-to-day life, it can lead to many problems. Adrenal burnout or the Exhaustion Phase is where the body has coped with long term stress but cannot cope any longer, and symptoms start to show.


Signs of Adrenal imbalance:

- Exhaustion / Burnout  

- Intolerances

- Rapid heartbeat

- Headaches


Parasites: Internal Small Game Hunting

Published In: 

NATUROPATHY Autumn 21 Issue 4 

I encountered the world of parasites 25 years ago during a nightmarish bout of amoebic dysentery in India. The unsanitary conditions intensified the ordeal. Recognizing the widespread impact of parasites on people, I delved into the issue, even discussing it with a parasitologist who humorously likened examining stools to a game hunt. Parasites pose a significant threat, causing debilitation and embarrassment, especially in survival scenarios.


Why is SKART Part of the 21st Century of Health?

Published in: 

MASSAGE WORLD Issue 108 2020

SKART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) is a cutting-edge new diagnostic and therapeutic technique designed, trialled and used for the efficient management of back, neck, hip and leg pain. The online course teaches safe and simple techniques which, when applied to the body, can identify and treat a spectrum of conditions. 


When Chest Pain is not Due to Heart Problems

Published In: 

MASSAGE WORLD Issue 112 2021  

As pain surged through my chest and shoulder, I rushed to the emergency clinic fearing the worst. After a thorough heart screening revealed no issues, the doctors suggested the pain might be muscular and stress-related. Despite leaving with painkillers, my discomfort persisted. Fortunately, using a technique called SKART, I discovered that my thoracic vertebra was out of place, with my husband's help.

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