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What are the benefits of SKART to me?

Learn to solve back issues safely using effective, practical, non-force correction techniques.

The course is easy to learn and understand, bringing you into the forefront of your profession with these new skills to benefit practice & client health.

With millions of people suffering from pain conditions, you can be the solution.

SKART muscle testing is a way to communicate with the body. It is a biofeedback system that talks to the body in a language which the body understands and can respond to and gives real time feedback. It allows us to use the patient’s own body as the research tool to find out what it needs, where to treat, how to treat and gives feedback on whether the correction has held and corrected the problem area, giving patient reassurance, as it is easy to see the difference.

Using SKART to find imbalances and issues through muscle testing helps remove the doubt, guesswork and the hard work of subjective diagnostics.

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