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About Us

Welcome to Back 2 Health Training, your gateway to transformative knowledge and cutting-edge techniques designed to enhance your life and empower you to manage pain effectively.

Our commitment is to provide unparalleled training of the highest standards, ensuring that you gain both knowledge and skills to elevate your career to new heights. Join us on a journey of discovery as we share groundbreaking techniques that can make a real difference in our world.

Back 2 Health Training was conceived to deliver pioneering insights and newly developed therapies, including the SKART structural practitioner training, along with a comprehensive array of physical and mental health practices. Our meticulously crafted online courses are designed to impart in-depth knowledge, equipping practitioners and individuals alike with diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that can be applied in professional environments or for personal home care.

These techniques have undergone rigorous trials to guarantee their effectiveness in managing various health conditions. They are not only safe but also simple to use, offering far-reaching benefits that extend beyond physical to emotional well-being. Experience the transformative power of our techniques, reducing pain and enhancing your overall quality of life. Join us at Back 2 Health Training, where knowledge meets innovation for a healthier and happier you.

What can cause Pain?


Where something is out of place and impinging on a nerve


Postural, allergies, toxin build-up and attacks from viruses, parasites, and bacteria


Leading to emotional pain and stress

Our courses are intended for: Practitioners who wish to expand their treatment offerings by adding new therapeutic and diagnostic tools to their skill set, professionals who are looking for a new career in our field, or indeed individuals who fundamentally wish to manage their own health and well-being in the best and most effective way possible.

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Our Story


Welcome to Back 2 Health Training, where a commitment to wellness drives our mission. Founded by Amanda White, a seasoned healthcare professional with qualifications spanning nursing, acupuncture, clinical kinesiology, and certifications as an EFT & NLP practitioner, Amanda brings a wealth of expertise to the world of health and wellness.

As a dedicated and qualified nurse, Amanda's journey evolved into a multifaceted approach to health, combining various therapies like the SKART structural course to create a holistic training platform. Back 2 Health Training strives to elevate awareness among both practitioners and the general public about effective therapeutic practices that contribute to overall well-being.

Amanda's extensive knowledge and passion culminate in her role as a Certified Teacher (Cert Ed) and Internal Teaching Verifier, empowering her to professionally train individuals in treatments and practices that she wholeheartedly believes in for achieving and sustaining improved health.


Alongside Back 2 Health Training, Amanda White Health takes center stage, encompassing her blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram presence, and YouTube channel. This multifaceted approach ensures that Amanda's insights and expertise are not only shared through professional training but also made accessible to a wider audience through various online platforms.

Join us at Back 2 Health Training, where expertise meets passion, and discover a holistic approach to health and well-being.

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"Thank you for an excellent course which was succinct and very easy to follow and the contents easy to assimilate regards" 

- Dr Cox

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